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The Global Mental Health (GMH) Academy is a cloud-based learning ecosystem.

Developed by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Capacity Building and Training in Global Mental Health at Columbia University, the GMH Academy offers training courses to improve identification and assessment of mental disorders and increase the delivery of evidence-based treatments. 

Training Course on ICD-11 Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Requirements for Mental, Behavioural or Neurodevelopmental Disorders

This course is designed for mental health professionals, students and trainees. The course provides essential information on the ICD-11 for individuals familiar with ICD-10 who are making a transition to the ICD-11. It is also useful as an introduction to the ICD-11 for individuals who are currently using the DSM-5.

This online course is self-directed and consists of 15 distinct units of learning, providing an introduction to the ICD-11 and covering the main diagnostic groupings in the ICD-11 chapter on Mental, Behavioural  or Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

The Global Clinical Practice Network (GCP.Network) is a community of over 16,000 mental health and primary care professionals who have partnered with the World Health Organization since 2011 on studies to inform the development of the ICD-11 Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Requirements (CDDR) on Mental, Behavioural or Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

The GCP.Network links clinicians on the ground and around the globe, working to improve clinical care and health systems for mental and behavioural disorders.

GCP.Network members receive first access to ICD-11 training modules and notifications about other relevant training and research opportunities.

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ICD-11 Diagnostic Requirements for Mental, Behavioural or Neurodevelopmental Disorders: An Online Comprehensive Course

Sponsored by the World Psychiatric Association and the Global Mental Health Academy

This 4-session live online course (9 May – 30 May 2022) will provide an overview of the key principles of the WHO’s ICD-11 and in-depth knowledge about the Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Requirements (CDDR) for ICD-11 Mental, Behavioural or Neurodevelopmental Disorders, developed by the World Health Organization Department of Mental Health and Substance Use.

The purpose of the ICD-11 CDDR is to guide implementation of the classification in clinical settings by psychiatrists and other relevant mental health professionals. The training faculty for the course are renowned global experts who have been deeply involved for more than a decade in leading the development, testing, and implementation of the ICD-11 classification of Mental, Behavioural or Neurodevelopmental Disorders. The course will cover the areas of highest disease burden and service utilization in adult psychiatry, as well as those with the greatest innovations and changes in the ICD-11.

The course is highly relevant to the assessment of psychopathology and the diagnosis of mental and behavioural disorders in clinical practice. Psychiatrists and other health professionals will benefit from learning and applying these ground-breaking new diagnostic guidelines in their research and practice.